Promoting local agriculture on Salt Spring Island & Southern Gulf Islands by acquiring, managing and leasing land for farming.
Committed to maintaining and growing the pastoral and agricultural heritage of Salt Spring Island
Ben and Kayleigh Heavenly Roots Farm
A catalyst for change, supporting our island’s transition to greater reliance on food grown right here at home.
We grow community. Providing infrastructure and support for a new generation of islanders.

We are Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust

Connecting Farmland, Farmers, and Food

We believe that food sutainability is a social, cultural and economic priority. We are committed to protecting agricultural land for future generations. The SSI Farmland Trust is part of a community of organizations intent on increasing food sustainability on Salt Spring Island. In the short term we are all working to put more local food on more Salt Spring Island tables so that everyone gets a taste of the delicious difference between imported food that travels thousands of kilometres compared with field-ripened fresh food that is grown right here at home.









We run three programs on Salt Spring Island. The Farm Centre is currently under construction to provide a facility for storage and processing of farm produce from all over the island. The Burgoyne Valley Community Farm offers 60 acres of fine valley farmland for lease to farmers. The Shaw Family Community Gardens are adjacent to Burgoyne Valley Community Farm and provide 96 garden plots  to anyone wanting to grow food. Click here for an overview of all of our programs and to find out how you can get involved.

What We Do

The Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust Society’s vision of maintaining the pastoral and agricultural heritage of Salt Spring Island is a priority of Salt Spring Island Area Farm Plan (2008). The Farmland Trust was established to help this community turn the corner on the eroding farm base on Salt Spring and provide opportunities to farmers. It is the vision of the Farmland Trust to help create access to affordable land, while offering other compatible agricultural uses for the community. The Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust is developing and managing community gardens, pairing landowners with landless growers, and building infrastructure for long-term island food sustainability.

The help we need to achieve our goals is:

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The Farm Centre will be a new resource for Salt Spring Island farmers, food producers and the community. It will be a centrally-located processing, distribution and storage centre for local farm food, operated on a break-even basis as an incubator for increased local food production.

Our aim is to increase production on Salt Spring by making it easier for local growers to bring their harvest to market, add value to it and connect with consumers on the island and in the surrounding region. READ MORE >>

RAISED $125,000

GOAL: $820,000

Photo Gallery


Beddis Farm Centre Making Progress!

Summer brought fair weather and we are got  the jump on renovating the barn at 189 Beddis Road for the new Farm Centre! Check out the photos of our progress or stop by and have a look!...

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~Food Sustainability: Our Commitment

Food sustainability means more than just lots of local food. It means protecting the environment and ensuring ecological diversity. It means the preservation of heritage seeds and the promotion of seed saving. And it means a stronger more vibrant local economy. In the...

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Mushroom Talk

Sponsored by the Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust Society, Jacob Cooper from Salt Spring Sprouts & Mushrooms joined us in front of the barn at the Farm Centre for Food Security site on March 31st to give a fascinating introductory talk about the amazing world of...

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We're grateful to our supporters for helping us realize our vision for food sustainability on Salt Spring Island.