The Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust Society’s vision of maintaining and growing the pastoral and agricultural heritage of Salt Spring Island is a priority in the Salt Spring Island Area Farm Plan (2008). The Burgoyne Valley Community Farm, a sixty acre parcel of farm land in the Agricultural Land Reserve, located at 2232 Fulford Ganges Road is the first manifestation of that vision. This property has been continuously farmed since 1887 and was granted to the Farmland Trust for the benefit of the community in exchange for a zoning amenity in 2013. The Farmland Trust board in collaboration with farmers and families has brought all 62 acres back into full high value production.

Our Project

Most of the land is rented to farmers whose farm operations are an interesting mix of produce production, high quality livestock feed, ecological enhancement and protection, and exploratory cropping techniques. All farming operations are undertaken using recognized organic methods. Currently there are 6 different farming operations underway:

  • Chicken and turkeys were raised last year
  • A large garlic field is in it’s first year of production
  • Market garden vegetables are flourishing.
  • Eggs are produced using a “chicken tractor”, a method which fertilizes the land as well as producing truly free range eggs.
  • The farms are a robust part of the farmers’ livelihoods.
  • Community Services is also operating a farm on the property and growing an abundance of fresh, healthy produce for many people in their programs who would not otherwise have access to local produce.  In this way the farm is contributing signifcantly to Community Services food security initiatives.
  • The Shaw Family Community Gardens is providing small garden spaces for 70 Salt Spring Island families and individuals to grow their own food.  Learn More
  • A large year-round pond provides water for the entire farm.

Ducks at Burgoyne Valley Community Farm

Ready to Grow?

Proposals for up to 10 acres are reviewed as received until the land is completely rented. Please download and read the Request for Proposals document here: Farmland-Trust-RFP

SUBMIT PROPOSALS By email to : burgoynefarms(at)ssifarmlandtrust.org

Get Involved

The Farmland Trust Society, working with a limited budget, is recruiting volunteers. Typically, volunteers on Salt Spring Island possess an incredible range of knowledge and skills, patience, good humour and goodwill. Individuals who wish to support this worthwhile project with some volunteer hours or equipment, contact:

Mail: Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust Society,
PO Box 738
Salt Spring Island, B.C. V8K 2W3

In addition to providing land for farmers and community members to produce food for households and markets, we partner with the Salt Spring Community Services to provide space for their “Peoples Roots” program. Check out this short video on how Salt Spring Island Community Servicesreaches out to the community by providing fresh farm produce, vocational rehabilitation, and promotes food literacy.