Helping landowners put land into production by making links with farmers & community growers.


Farmland-Facilities-Food-and-a-Renewed-Future-for-Farming-on-Salt-Spring-Island-1In collaboration with The Salt Spring Island Agricultural Alliance, we produced a report entitled “Farmland, Facilities, Food, and a Renewed Future for Farming on Salt Spring Island”

The report offers an overview of the activities of the SSI Farmland Trust and the SSI Agricultural Alliance, along with a section on “How You Can Help Grow Agriculture on Salt Spring Island.”

Download the full report here: Farmland-Facilities-Food-and-a-Renewed-Future-for-Farming-on-Salt-Spring-Island

Further Resources

Understanding Honeybees

EVERYONE WELCOME. Please come to “UNDERSTANDING HONEY BEES” Honey bees pollinate 1/3 or more of the food we eat! Learn about honey bees and their importance for food production. Presented by: Wendi Gilson, Black Horse Apiary Time: July 9th 7-9PM Venue: Salt Spring...

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Name the “Farm Centre” Contest!

What’s in a name? Currently, the official name of the “Farm Centre” is “Salt Spring Farm Centre for Food Security.” We’d love a new name and that’s why we are asking the community for help. Our goal is to develop sustainable, local food production and...

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Want Land? Let’s Grow!

Do you have a passion for farming? Is land too expensive for you to buy? Are you interested in pastureland, garden acreage, orchards or livestock buildings? The goal of the Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust is to connect farmland with individuals who would like to...

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Got Land? Let’s Grow!

Do you have agricultural land that is not being used? Are you unable to continue farming your land? Are you interested in keeping it in use? Do you have pasture, garden acreage, orchard or livestock buildings? The goal of the Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust is to...

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Get a Plot at the Shaw Family Community Gardens

Farmland Trust Society is pleased to announce the first food producing activity to be offered on the Burgoyne Valley Community Farm. Located at 2232 Fulford-Ganges Road, within view of Mt. Maxwell and with Reid Creek flowing through it year round, this property has...

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Sample Memorandum of Agreement

When we sign on with a farming partner, we use this Memorandum of Agreement to work out all the details of the land use arrangement. Have a look at a sample MOA by downloading...

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Soil Report

A soil on-site report was compiled by C&F Land Resource Consultants in 2006. Download the full report here: Soils_Report

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