The Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust Society’s vision of promoting agriculture is a priority in the Salt Spring Island Area Farm Plan (2008). The Burgoyne Valley Community Farm, a 62-acre parcel of farm land in the Agricultural Land Reserve, located at 2232 Fulford Ganges Road is the first manifestation of that vision. This property has been continuously farmed since 1887 and was granted to the Farmland Trust for the benefit of the community in exchange for a zoning amenity in 2013. The Farmland Trust board, in collaboration with farmers, families and other organizations, is bringing the farm into its full potential to produce food, increase biodiversity and pollination, and protect species and waterways for the long-term benefit of the community. Organic practices are a high priority.

Community Services is also operating a farm on the property and growing an abundance of fresh, healthy produce for many people who use their services, including the Food Bank and those who would not otherwise have access to local, fresh produce.

Promoting agriculture includes collaborating with Salt Spring Community Services to provide space for their “Harvest Farm” program.


The Shaw Family Community Gardens is providing allotment garden spaces for 70 Salt Spring Island families and individuals to grow their own food. At the entrance to the Burgoyne Valley Community Farm property, the Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust Society has established the Shaw Family Community Gardens. Occupying three and one half of the 62 acres, the gardens provide opportuinities for Salt Spring residents to grow more of their own food and increase food sustainability on the island.  Funding has been provided to ensure that the driveway is visible and readily accessible.  Learn More

A large year-round pond provides water for the entire farm.


Ducks at Burgoyne Valley Community Farm

Get Involved

The Farmland Trust Society, working with a limited budget, is recruiting volunteers. Typically, volunteers on Salt Spring Island possess an incredible range of knowledge and skills, patience, good humour and goodwill. Individuals who wish to support this worthwhile project with some volunteer hours or equipment, contact:
Mail: Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust Society,
PO Box 738
Salt Spring Island, B.C. V8K 2W3