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gamilyheaderAt the entrance to the Burgoyne Valley Community Farm property, the Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust Society has established the Shaw Family Community Gardens. Occupying only three and one half of the sixty acres, the gardens provide opportunities for Salt Spring residents to grow more of their own food and to increase food sustainbility on the island. The Society sees the remainder of the farmland becoming one of the island’s newest and most valuable assets, welcoming food producing farmers to use the land to its ‘highest and best use’.

Download the Shaw Family Community Gardens Handbook & Application!


The Farmland Trust has developed 96 (20 x 50 ft ) family garden plots available for $40.00 per year.

Generous initial funding has been provided by The Salt Spring Foundation, The Lions Club and the Shaw Family Trust. The property has been fenced, drained and is ready for planting.

The address is 2232 Fulford Ganges Road. Contact

These gardens occupy approx. 3 1/2 of the 60 acres. The gardens allow Salt Spring residents to grow more of their own food. A portion of this land is used by the Community Services Society to grow food for the people using their services.

The land (which contains the gardens) is known as The Burgoyne Valley Community Farm. It is approx. 60 Acres and has been continuously farmed since 1887. It will be protected by the Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust Society for agricultural use.

The balance of the rentable land is rented on contract to local farmers whose operations are an interesting mix.

Funding has been provided to ensure that the driveway is visible and readily accessible.

Interested in applying for a garden plot? Click here!