Fungi-on-Dunbabin-TrailSponsored by the Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust Society, Jacob Cooper from Salt Spring Sprouts & Mushrooms joined us in front of the barn at the Farm Centre for Food Security site on March 31st to give a fascinating introductory talk about the amazing world of mushrooms. He covered the basics on how to cultivate your own gourmet mushrooms, as well as mycoremediation (term coined by mushroom guru Paul Stamets) – or the practice of degrading and/or sequestering contaminants in the environment.

The workshop consisted of a one hour talk followed by a hands-on project of inoculating alder logs with oyster mushrooms. The logs could produce edible mushrooms as early as this fall, or spring of next year and will remain part of the community food forest and educational/demonstration gardens at the Salt Spring Farm Centre for Food Security site.

The event was attended by 19 participants with many more on a waiting list. Jacob was a funny and engaging speaker, overflowing with a passion for the fascinating world of fungi. It was evident that many seeds were planted that day, in terms of sparks of excitement for both mushrooms and the Farm Centre project itself.