The Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust Society (SSIFTS) was formed as part of the implementation of the Salt Spring Island Area Farm Plan ( The SSIFTS subscribes to the vision set out in the Area Farm Plan, that Salt Spring Island becomes a place where agriculture is a strong, vital and productive part of the local economy and is carried out in a manner that promotes and protects a sustainable community.

The SSIFTS also subscribes to the key principles outlined in the Area Farm Plan that are intended to guide the manner in which this vision will be achieved:

  1. Protection: support the protection and appropriate use of agricultural land on SSI;
  2. Education: develop an understanding and appreciation for agriculture among island residents and visitors;
  3. Stewardship: encourage appropriate and environmentally sensitive farm practices;
  4. Cooperation: establish collaborative networks of support among farmers, and between farmers and the community;
  5. Self-reliance: reduce dependence on imported food and other inputs; and
  6. Transparency: ensure open and inclusive decision-making around issues involving agriculture.

Download the whole document: FarmlandUseandRentalPolicy