Do you have agricultural land that is not being used?

Are you unable to continue farming your land?

Are you interested in keeping it in use?

Do you have pasture, garden acreage, orchard or livestock buildings?

The goal of the Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust is to connect farmland with individuals who would like to farm. These individuals can afford to rent but with high land values, cannot afford to purchase. There are many advantages to this arrangement as it can be customized to the circumstances.

Advantages for the landowner:

  •             opportunity to keep farm status
  •             possible tax benefits
  •             land is kept in production
  •             assistance with maintenance
  •             value of the land and infrastructure is preserved and/or increased.
  •             local food for the local economy

Advantages for the SSI Farmland Trust:

  •             agricultural land will be preserved for the production of local food
  •             there is an economic benefit to the community
  •             farming activities will increase to establish food security on our island
  •             farmers wanting land will be connected to agricultural land that is available.


For more information about this program in development, please contact us at:

Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust Society

Box 738 Salt Spring Island BC V8K 2W3

Email: ssifarmlandtrust(at)