The Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust is pleased to announce that construction of our Sun Shelter at the Burgoyne Valley Community Farm is now complete and will be ready for the 2018 farming season.

The Sun Shelter is a 14ft x 24ft covered space, open on all sides. The wood was milled locally and built by an islander.  The Shelter will provide relief for farmers and residents who tend their plots in the Shaw Family Community Gardens and Burgoyne Valley Community Farm. Further uses for the structure include education programs, gardeners’ meetings and dinners, and a great starting point for interpretive walks of the Farm. Two picnic tables will be added under the Shelter this spring.

“It’s a wonderful addition to the property, and we are most grateful to Kerry Lee for her generous donation,” says Farmland Trust President Patricia Reichert. Kerry made the donation in honour of her late husband, Garnet Lee. Garnet was a farmer who was actively involved in the Farmers’ Institute and on the board of the Farmland Trust. He passed away in April 2012.

“Nurturing community and giving back meant everything to Garnet, so I wanted to do something that would add value to our community, especially to the farming community which was so close to Garnet’s heart,” says his wife Kerry.

Garnet grew up in a poor farming family in Saskatchewan. When he was seven years old his mother passed away and his father was left to raise three children on his own. His father didn’t cope well with the loss of his wife. Neighbours and friends stepped in to help the struggling family, and Garnet was deeply impacted by this love and support. It was then that he learned the importance of giving back.

The installation of a plaque commemorating Garnet Lee and a celebratory event will happen later this summer.