Our Mission:

We are committed to developing infrastructure and fostering relationships that build Salt Spring Island's long term food sustainability within a vibrant and healthy community.


  • Acquiring, managing and leasing land for commercial farming activities.

  • Providing the community with garden plots to grow food for themselves and their families.

  • Developing Salt Spring Island's new multi-use food hub, The Root.

  • Connecting new entrant farmers with landowners and facilitating lease agreements.

  • Coordinating the launch and operation of a Community Composting Facility.

  • Creating educational opportunities around local food: farming & gardening, regenerative agriculture, climate friendly diets, cooking and processing.

We Accomplish our Mission through:

Our History

Burgoyne Valley Community Farm:


The Burgoyne Valley Community Farm (BVCF), 60 acre parcel of farm land in the Agricultural Land Reserve, was gifted to the community by a developer in exchange for a zoning amenity in 2013.  Located in the Burgoyne Valley on Salt Spring Island, this property has been continuously farmed since 1887.

In 2021, The BVCF is home to The Shaw Community Gardens, which spans 3 acres and provides 96 garden plots to islanders who want to grow their own food.  Several acres of land are allocated to three commercial farming businesses: Heavenly Roots Farm, Sandhill Botanicals and Hogwild Farm. Several fields are hayed each year by Nightowl Farm, an organic beef farm at a neighbouring property.

We have also partnered with Salt Spring Community Services Society, who run their Harvest Farm programs on-site. Their farm provides locally grown food to the food bank and provides vocational training in farming and food preparation. 



In 2012, we acquired land on Beddis rd for the construction of The Root, our new food processing and distribution facility. This new building will build our island's food production capacity with a food processing kitchen and quality-controlled storage for locally grown farm produce. A collaboration with the Salt Spring Island Seed Sanctuary Society has allowed the construction of a community seed bank on the site as well.The Root has entered an exciting new phase of development with the hiring of two full-time staff members. Construction of the kitchens, storage areas and permaculture demonstration gardens are ongoing, with the educational programming planning process underway. 


The Root: