Radicle Seed Bank

Since the early days of the Root, we have partnered with Salt Spring Seed Sanctuary Society to construct a seed bank room in the original building on site. This is located in what we fondly call the Barn, and is a temperature controlled room perfect for storing seeds.


The Sanctuary Society manages this collection and stores seeds available to the community. As the Root site goes into food production, seeds from this collection will become a vital part of that production, from using them to plant, to saving and storing new seeds.


The vision is that this Seed Bank will be filled with bulk seeds as the years build the supply with seed stewardship and volume plantings. We also plan to invest in seed cleaning equipment to help increase our ability to save seeds locally. 

Please contact Sheila at ssidobie584@gmail.com for more information on the Seed Bank, the seeds and seed stewardship opportunities. This collection is part of the SSI Seedy Saturday each year.

Annual Seed Exchange @ The Root

WHEN: Saturday, March 5th, 2022 from 12-3 pm
WHERE:  THE ROOT @ 189 Beddis Rd, Salt Spring Island

The SSI Farmland Trust is excited to host this year’s seed exchange at The Root! This is a collaboration between Island Natural Growers and the Seed Sanctuary Society, whose humble seed bank is located on site, in the barn.

We are so excited to welcome fellow seed-lovers to exchange and purchase locally grown seed; this event is about celebrating our collective resilience and encouraging community members to grow their own food and save seeds.
Farmland Trust board members will offer short tours of the grounds and seed bank, as well as answer your burning questions, take note of your visionary ideas, and have a sign-up list for inspired volunteers!
Seed pick-ups will take place in the week leading up to the event, for those wanting to donate seeds but not attend the event, with convenient locations in the North and South ends of the island (TBA - stay tuned). 
**Due to covid, this will be a small event. Attendees will be required to wear masks.**
Thank you for your cooperation.
For questions or more information, please reach out to Ben at benjamincorno@gmail.com. Thanks and see you there!

Check Out Our Seedy Video!
Article by Kirsten Bolton

Seed cleaning day happened at Stowel Lake Farm this past fall and was a good opportunity for the Farmland Trust to talk to participants and experience the demand for equipment and storage for seasoned seed savers and beginners alike. 


After this experience, Farmland Trusts’ Radicle Seed Bank looks forward to collaborating on acquiring seed cleaning equipment, sourcing out partners and hosting seed cleaning days that could be scheduled for different needs. It will be able to host seed events on a larger and longer scope, provide temperature controlled storage space, and make mentorship available to those just starting out with their seed endeavors.


The importance of seed saving on Salt Spring cannot be overstated, as the process and commitment is to save seeds that have proven successful for the Island’s climate swings, light, and soil. The result is more regionally adaptive and resilient seeds, often developing for generations, which are then kept in the hands of local growers rather than big corporations. This creates a robust sense of food security and self-sufficiency within our own control. 


According the book Seven Seasons on Stowel Lake Farm they have always loved the process of saving seeds. “As vegetable farmers, we generally harvest the plant before it fulfills its destiny as a seed producer. It’s exciting to let some of the plants go through their full life cycle and see them transform from seedling to full maturity to seed production and death. Seed saving allows you to really experience how much beauty there is in each state of development…and it connects us to a lineage of farmers who have done this same process for centuries.” 


The 8.5 minute video features stories, advice, and practical tips from such Island seed specialists as Dan Jason of Salt Spring Seeds, Ben Corno of Heavenly Root Farms, Moe Wendt, SSI Permaculture mentor, Meghan McEachern of Stowel Lake Farm.


“We hope viewers come away motivated to get involved, become seed savers, knowing there is a need, and also the facilities, infrastructure, and mentorship to support their seed initiatives,” say Sheila Dobie, Co-Chair of Farmland Trust.  “It all contributes to a stronger community.”

Watch the video here:


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