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2024 Root Garden Plantings

A note from lead gardener, Moe Wendt

2023 was the year the Root Garden began to take form. Beds, terraces and paths were built, cover crops were planted, then mulched. A total of 50 varieties of plants were planted including trees, berries, medicinal and culinary herbs, native plants, and a few perennial edibles and flowers. 

   In 2024, we plan to double the number of varieties of edible, medicinal, and native plants, working toward building tree guilds for a total of 15 fruit and nut trees. We have a good number of plants already donated for this, and we are looking for volunteers to help with the installation. This installation will move the garden forward to being a little over half full.

To volunteer please email:

What we will be planting this Spring with your help:

Trees: Desert King Fig, Airlie Red Fleshed Apple, Black Elderberry, Persimmon, Mulberry, Walnut.

Berries: Sea buckthorn, Black Currant, strawberries, Josta Berry, Lingonberry.

Herbs: Calendula, arnica, goldenrod, lady’s bedstraw, chervil, chamomile, tansy, rue, other kinds of thyme, catmint, St. Johns’ wort.

Native plants: fireweed, pearly everlasting, gum weed, Saskatoon berry, red flowering currant, camas, Sea Blush, Sea Thrift, all-heal, Oregon Grape, Kinnickinnick,

Other edibles: mache, French sorrel, sea kale, salad burnet, Maximillian sunflower, Other flowers, etc: meadow foam, Jupiter’s beard, low growing comfrey

Plants we would like, but have yet to source are below. If you or anyone you know has plants they'd like to donate we're looking for:

Trees: 2 pears, Frost Peach, a second fig variety (Violet de Bordeaux?), Medlar, Ginkgo, Cottonwood, Pomegranate.

Berries: Aronia Berry, additional raspberries, gooseberry.

Herbs: echinacea, angelica, germander, wormwood, rhodiola.

Native plants: Yampah, desert parsleyOther edibles: artichoke, Good King Henry, mountain spinach, oca.

Other flowers: daylily, baptisia, Cistus, NepetaIf it's pouring rain on any of these dates, I won't be there. 

We look forward to seeing you this season!


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