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Biochar kiln: a How- to Video

With the hope to teach sustainable farming practices, the Farmland Trust hosted a biochar burn Workshop, facilitated by local historian and biochar expert, Brian Smallshaw. Participants gathered around two fires and learned hands- on how to make biochar from start to finish. A highlight from the night was watching the first screening of ‘Biochar Kiln’, a comprehensive how-to video shot here on Salt Spring Island, made by elisa rathje, at The production, generously supported by the Salt Spring Apple Festival, delves into biochar's historical and practical aspects, providing insights into its creation and benefits. After the burn process, attendees enjoyed a 'stone soup' prepared using hot coals from biochar, adding to the social and communal aspect of the days activities.

Workshop leader Brian Smallshaw specially designed the metal kilns to ensure a

safer, more efficient, low-smoke burn. Several of these kilns, donated to the Root by Transition Salt Spring, are aimed at becoming integral to the island's educational experiences. The hope is that these kilns will host more biochar workshops, and those interested in hosting their own burn are encouraged to reach out to the Farm Lands Trust. For those interested in purchasing a kiln or learning more about biochar, visit


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