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Mobile Seed Cleaning Trailer on SSI October 9-14, 2022

Back by popular demand, The Mobile Seed Cleaning Trailer is returning to SSI, now for a week!

When: Sunday October 9th through Friday October 14 th.

Where: The trailer will be located at The Root Food Hub (189 Beddis Road) outside the

barn where the Sanctuary Society Seed Bank is located. We are now pleased to

offer a washroom and shelter space if it rains.

Cost: FREE

Book your time today:

You can reserve just the screens if these are all you need. Any of the timeslots can be booked by an individual or by a group, such as neighbours or The Garden Club.

Orientation and Carrot Testing (4-5 pm Sunday, October 9th )

- Please register for this event on the link above.

- Get oriented to the trailer’s equipment options.

- Lisa Willott from Farm Folk City Folk to take questions, as the owners of the trailer and

supporters of this province-wide service.

- Carrot tasting! Lisa is hoping to do a tasting from the Canadian Organic Vegetable

Improvement (CANOVI) trials. Contribute your evaluations!

Seed Stewardship Discussion Group (3pm Sunday, October 9th )

Sanctuary Seed Society will meet at The Root with existing or interested Seed Stewards to discuss this role with the seed bank seed supply, its plans for more varieties, dedicating stewards for certain varieties, and “bulking up” projects where large planting are taking place. Come and participate, listen and learn. Please note this is an hour earlier than the Sunday registration for Orientation. No registration is required.


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