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FLT Knowledge Series Presents Business Planning for Food Products Jan 17-18.

TUES, JAN 17 – WED, JAN 18 “Ag-Food Business Planning.”

8:30am-4:30pm each day @ Lions Hall

In this two-day workshop, small-to-medium food and drink producers wanting to expand and farmers developing value-added products are introduced to the basic business, operations, marketing, and supervisory skills required to operate a food and beverage business. Led by Greg McLaren, Managing Director of Farm Food Drink, with a focus on growing local and regional food producers and farm businesses throughout B.C.

Topics include:

* Components of a food and beverage business plan

* Regulations applicable to this sector

* Market Channels for the food and beverage sector

* Common distribution practises

* Pricing a product

* Orientation to Business Plans, Operating Plans, Financial Plans, Marketing Plans.

About Greg McLaren, Managing Director and Chief Strategist of the Vancouver-based market research, brand marketing, and business consulting firm FARM FOOD DRINK. Greg has decades of proven industry experience in business development, strategic planning, and marketing. With a background in big business and a social purpose to develop local food economies, Greg has one foot in a dress shoe, one in a gumboot. Although ultra confident in both worlds, his passion lies with small food and farm companies. Greg excels at and loves the collaboration process, using the first-hand experience of client’s vision, products, and operation to form their strategy for market growth and sustainability. This two way, sharing and learning process is what fuels his ongoing journey to grow BC’s local food economy.

By Donation. Course subsidized by Rural Dividend Fund and the Small Scale Food Processors Association.

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