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FLT Knowledge Series presents Carbon Sequestering for Soil Workshop Aug 6

Workshop: Sunday, August 6, 1-3pm

Local Food Share Gathering: 3-5pm

@ The Root - 189 Beddis Road

FLT Knowledge Series presents the latest Local Food Share Workshop hosted by Grow Local. This Sunday, join us to learn how conventional farming practices kill the microbiome of the soil and how microbes are important to sequestering carbon out of the atmosphere and putting it back in the soil. During the workshop we will focus on:

  • What role microbes play in the health and nutrient density of your food,

  • What role microbes play in your immune system,

  • How microbes increase organic matter and help hydrate the soil to make crops more resilient through drought, floods and more!

Then for the hands-on application we will explore how regenerative, no-till organic practices can restore the soil, how to practice them yourself in your own garden, and why supporting local regenerative farmers is so important for a resilient community facing climate emergencies!

This workshop is led by Lisa Helm, a Master Organic Gardener (Permaculture Certified) who has studied small scale, year-round regenerative vegetable production with some of the most successful farmers in the US and Canada.

Register by donation:

The workshop will be followed by Nick and Polly's Food Share "Bring What You Have, Take What You Need " Gathering from 3-5pm. Share whatever abundance you have from your garden veggies, fruit, preserves, plant starts, and swap for other goods you want. Make new community connections, share tips, and contribute to island food resiliency!


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